Eternal beauty

Location: Shenyang city, China

City, treasure, a yearning for eternity. The project is inspired by the story of Aladdin. The ancient Greeks believed that a diamond was planetary debris fallen to earth and every piece of them possessed magic. Those who own the magic could gain eternal power, wealth, and happiness. The art of diamond cutting is the concept here, where geometry is used to play with space and art is employed to give technology a touch of life. The idea is to start with deconstructivism and use geometric shapes for cutting, so that the light, colors, space in various sequences can work with one another, to build a post-modern futuristic dwelling of fashion and aesthetics. Also, artworks of mineral elements interact with three-dimensional spaces that are deconstructed to construct a fashion and techno labyrinth. Once you set foot inside, the journey of treasure hunt begins. The designer got inspiration from fashion shows, obtained the subtle element of intangible purity, and used it for a brand-new design concept. Clear cut of lines and decorative arts allow the space to extend horizontally, so the lobby appears broad and open in a hidden and secret world. Contemporary materials and design techniques are used to interpret the room. Assorted art pieces are displayed for multiple highlights, allowing straight lines and turns, eternity and instance, light and dark to react with one another. The reality is faced with fiction to compose a pleasant visual surprise. Spaces of blunt angles are peaceful; it’s a feeling we recall from the world we see. Blunt angles can be an extension of the shape itself, or it’s where we can explore another possibility, so that people can have a different perspective to rediscover, face and feel the life itself. To experience a space, feeling is the key throughout the process. The metal shimmer effect prevents dullness and creates a low-profile and subtle vibe, thus the fun of shadows can balance with their surroundings in perfection. Lights create a gentle visual effect; it blends with the quietness and tranquility and merge with the nature, space. Under the lines and lights, the space appears dim and restrained in mystery. The imagination has no boundary, so the unintended browse and wander within can let the ambiance and different elements correspond with each other for various looks. The designer used the diamond, fashion, catwalk as the themes for entire space; each space collides with another, forming a connection yet without disturbance. The existence of the big and the small, and the arrangement of the round and the square, together illustrate a unique space feel. The contemporary, sophisticated and low-profile sales space is designed. Elements are tightly linked to offer visitor the experiment of rich experiences; the light penetrates the wall through aluminum plate, and the geometric elements, the mountain and rock dangling landscape designs constituted dynamic and shifting shadows. No unnecessary displays are used, instead, the modern-day artworks themselves interact with the interior itself. The visual impact of dimensions and the spatial art is thus accomplished. As simple as it can be, the practicality and greatness of modernism portray its own beauty to the extreme without excess. We attempt an artistic breakthrough with modernism and try to unify the interior and the exterior of space, so that technology and fashion can symbolize purity. The wood-patterned background wall extends itself in height is embedded with penetrating and individual surfaces, which allows the room to be more visually captivating. People can come hand in hand, whether traveling or visiting, standing or sitting in the splendidness and glamor of the space. Here, they let their mind and thoughts be immersed without speaking, to sit in group maybe and enjoy life as an art itself. This is where they seize the eternal beauty in life.

Project Manager:
Li Zhang
Other team members:
Meng Chen
Dandan Zhang
Jie Li
Company information:
Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd;;