Rhythm, Eastern

Location: Zibo City, Shandong Province, China

Each city has its own unique temperament after the precipitation of history. From the avenue to the simple, start a journey of modern interpretation of the hospitality culture. An exhibition experience that integrates oriental philosophy and modern life aesthetics. The entrance hall creates a sense of literature vibe and space, natural and modern simplicity coexist. Strict cut lines and decorative craftsmanship make the space extend to both sides, then it becomes clear at the entrance hall, creating a standout sense of heavenly space style. With "Hundred Schools of Thought" in Chinese culture as the storyline, a series of graphic decorative paintings are used to show the classic stories of various schools, giving an elegant literary background in the east. The lighting creates a soft sensory effect, taking in the quietness and tranquility conferred by nature, and is taken from a variety of environmentally friendly materials and green buildings to integrate nature, space, and light and shadow. The simplicity and complementarity of black, white and gray are creating an ancient and cozy atmosphere, elegant oriental charm on this land, fully interpret, and reasonably select high quality building materials, reduce the invasion and persecution of nature, pay attention to the balance between man and nature, coexist in the environment. The local culture elements of Zibo Vanke Underground Club House are extracted and combined with ceramic pieces to form a new ceramic artwork. Display different shapes and artworks in the form of sculptures. Using delicate techniques to design an elegant space where luxury and taste intertwin, art and charm all balance together, in a sense, it transforms time into light, and is completely immersed in the changes of lines, angles, light and shade. The form of a metal installment stairs also evokes the implication sense of a successful destiny of personal career in traditional culture. The Confucian grandeur and humility, the extraordinary demeanor of the benevolent, exudes a profound charm and power in this very precious moment.

Project Manager:
Li Zhang
Other team members:
Shu Li
Yaoyun Gan
Company information:
Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd;