The City Park

Location: Taichung City, Taiwan

The houseowner who immigrated to Taiwan from Japan had made this design project special, which inspires the designer to take into account the Japanese culture and the needs of each family member before planning the layouts of the public and private areas. The 200-ping home is designed into the wrap-around layouts. The living room, dining room, study room and visual-audio room is connected as the linear public area. The wrap-around layouts, meanwhile, integrate every space, thus creating the traffic flows that are lively and independent while are manifesting the secured visual sense. To preserve the Japanese atmosphere of living, the designer comprehensively uses the warm undertones of woods in the home decorations, which include the 175-cm-wide electronic shoji sliding doors. The audio-visual room is decorated with the tatami, and the design idea of the bathroom exposes the atmosphere of the Japanese bath house. The hallway shows the design concept of the Japanese garden that signify the winding path ultimately leading people to the entryway. When seeing the entire residence alongside the opened electric doors at the end of the hallway, people can feel the space revealing the characteristics that are penetrative, harmonious, and pleasant. The traffic flows arranged in the public and private areas concurrently strengthen family bonds and preserve individuality. In this home, the family becomes closer, and every family member can share his/her feelings. Every time before the design project begins, the designer will imagine the real life of the family. The designer believes that a great home design is fascinating and alluring only after the delicate conversations between the designer and the residents.

Project Manager:
Wei-Chiang Liao
Other team members:
Company information:
Dong Lin Interior Design Construction;;