Gray-Black Structure. Translucent Residence

Location: New Taipei City, Taiwan

Xinzhuang, as the earliest reclamation area in Taipei. Incorporating profound cultural traditions and modern skyscrapers, it forms a vibrant and prosperous city in a diverse environment. This case is a newly built high-rise residential mansion in the local area in recent years. In this large-scale private house planning, the owner hopes to show the power of the design as much as possible by enjoying the space. We use stone, titanium-plated metal plates and special paint as the main materials. By integrating different forms of geometric shapes, and combining the use of diverse materials and light and shadow, we create a contemporary residence with futuristic and futuristic sense of futuristic science. The interior public areas are dominated by gray, white, and black. The pure atmosphere of low saturation creates the design atmosphere of the overall space. The living room is made of white marble as the main body, extending from the floor to the main wall of the TV. The zigzag wall surface presented in a symmetrical shape constitutes a stepwise recursive layer. The LED lights are subtly hidden in the cutting line, projecting a shining light at night. The main corridor connecting the public and private areas on the side of the living room continues the high-tech cold atmosphere. It is painted in special silver-gray paint and repeated shapes and cuts, combined with the mosaic lighting and metal ceiling mapping. Together, we create a space situation with mansions in the avant-garde. In the intermediary of the public and private sectors, we take the open study as a transition between the two. The silver-gray special paint wall continues the futuristic sense of the public area, supplemented by the design of wooden curved bookcases and couches, bringing a warm atmosphere that belongs to "home.” The dining space is designed in the island style. The island area combines a sink and a long table to make the most effective use of the space. The black ceiling uses horizontal dividing lines and the ring-shaped staggered lighting fixtures make users feel like they are in outer space. And that's how the Milky Way galaxies are all around. The grid-shaped glass sliding door is used as the partition between the kitchen space and the living room. On the one hand, it can strengthen the visual penetration of the public field, and at the same time, it can change the scale in accordance with different usage needs. Unlike the public area with a futuristic atmosphere with a sense of technology, we bring more saturated colors and more modeling elements in the bedroom and bathroom space to create a warm texture different from the public area. Let the space not only have a sense of design, but also become a more human home.

Project Manager:
Chia-Hung Weng
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