Вилла в Таганроге

Villa in Taganrog

Местоположение: Россия, Таганрог
Location: Russia, Taganrog

The history of this project lasted 7 years, after seeing one of our projects, the customers wanted to buy a project of a finished villa, but we offered them to design their own house of dream. This is how our joint work began. ⠀ The land for building a house is located on the bank of the Liman, on a picturesque slope near Taganrog. A secluded place and the absence of neighbors made it possible to maximize the views from the windows, to make the house almost from the glass. ⠀ The total area of the house is about 800m, and the height is 3 floors. ⠀ The architecture of the house is represented by three volumes in three different materials, rotated relative to each other in space. ⠀ The main entrance to the house is located between the two lower volumes and under the canopy of the second floor. ⠀ All common areas are located on the ground floor, including an outdoor veranda with panoramic windows. The Veranda glass completely disappears into the wall, turning it into a street. Why we didn't make it open, because this is the south? Because at the beginning of summer in this area for several weeks the invasion of green mosquitoes, they are taken out from the verandas with buckets and it would be problematic to clean the furniture. ⠀ The basement part contains the entire technical part, including the boathouse. ⠀ On the second floor there are three bedrooms with bathroom and dressing rooms, a gym, as well as a home theater. ⠀ We can talk about this project for a long time, it has a history of creation and its own long journey. The main criterion that there is harmony in it, and therefore “timelessness”, is also the fact that 7 years after its creation and throughout the entire implementation path, neither I nor the customer ever had a desire to change it at least one detail.

Project Manager:
Alexandra Fedorova Yakubovna (Александра Фёдорова Якубовна)
Other team members:
Sergey Kaluta Mikhailovich (Сергей Калюта Михайлович)
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Company information:
Fedorova Architects (Fedorova Architects);