Общественно-деловой центр

Public and Businnes Centre

Местоположение: Ярославль, Россия
Location: Yaroslavl, Russia

Status: built, April 2020 Gross area: 6 928 m2 Сonstruction site is located in the historical center of Yaroslavl in the zone of strict regulation of development. The building of the public center is attached to the former hotel "Yaroslavl" being on the border between Vlasyevsky Park and Volkov Square. The Park has a dominant influence on this territory giving it a peculiar tone and mood. Almost completely hidden behind trees the new building appeals more to the urban landscape than to the architecture of the former hotel. To this end, its facades are layered into several plans marked by planes of transparent glass and fiber-reinforced concrete. The volume itself is terraced increasing the height from the garden deep into the plot. The dark gray color of cladding is chosen in order to dissolve the mass of the building against the background of trees. The upper floor, moved deeper from the park is made of frosted glass to form the lightest silhouette of the building against the sky. Vertical slats made of anodized aluminum are fixed in front of the glass facade (the first two floors). They allow you to fragment the extended plane of the facade giving it depth and variability depending on the change of angle of view. The rhythm of vertical slats corresponds to the random rhythms of tree trunks "dissolving" the buildimg in the environment. The first plan of the new building is similar to the architectural proportions of the hotel and the two-storey building on Sobinov Street. The space between the building and the park turns into a lively promenade which coincides with one of the main pedestrian routes that cross the park and connect Volkov Square with Sobinov Street. The space of the first floor are maximally accessible from the the park and the square due to the large number of specially organized entrances. The facade facing the square is a laconic showcase of verified proportions correlating in scale with the lower pieсe of the hotel. Functional program: 1st floor-Shops (boutiques) 2nd floor-Restaurants 3rd floor-Fitness club. Roof-terrace of the 3rd floor operated. 4th floor-offices. Underground floor-guest Parking for 40 cars, premises of engineering infrastructure.

Project Manager:
Grigory Daynov Lvovich (Григорий Дайнов Львович)
Other team members:
Storozhuk Tymur Anatolyevich (Сторожук Тимур Анатольевич)
Roman Mavrin Eduardovich (Роман Маврин Эдуардович)
Company information:
DK architects (DK architects);