Мини Гостиница "Ожерелье"

Mini-Hotel "Necklace"

Местоположение: Республика Карелия, Россия
Location: Karelia, Russia

When designing the hotel set in the pristine woods of Karelia, Roman Leonidov was aiming at blending the building complex with the surrounding landscape - as much as possible and with a pinpoint precision. The semicircular shape of the open lake and a steep slope of the coastline suggested the future character of the project. In plan view, the building looks like a segment of a circle hugging the shore of the clear lake. Big drop in the terrain made it possible to place the mini-hotel on the high elegant wooden pylons, thus emphasizing the feel of a delicate jewelry. The hotel compound is divided in half by the prominent space placed over the water. To the one side of it one can find spacious and comfortable rooms complete with their own walk-in closets and bathrooms. Each room has access to its own terraced balcony where guests can enjoy the opening views. The opposite side contains maintenance and technical facilities. The dividing space in the middle hosts the dining room opening to the large summer terrace hanging over the water. Using the spiral staircase one can go down to a small pier underneath. The mini-hotel building is constructed as a light timber frame. The spatial rigidity is ensured by the numerous connections of discreet metal bars. The foundations are realized as monolithic reinforced-concrete poles constructed with the minimal soil disturbance of the land.

Project Manager:
Roman Leonidov (Роман Леонидов
Other team members:
Roman Leonidov (Роман Леонидов)
Александр Шутегов (Aleksandr Shutegov)
Company information:
Roman Leonidov Architectural Bureau (Архитектурное бюро Романа Леонидова);