Дизайн-проект интерьера КЦ «Большой» в г. Ростове-на-Дону

Interior design project of the Bolshoi Cinema Center in Rostov-on-Don

Местоположение: Россия, Ростов-на-Дону
Location: Russia, Rostov-on-Don

It was a truly grandiose project! Our architectural bureau "New R. A. S. A." had to develop a new concept of the "Bolshoy" multiplex, change the layout, think through an original solution for the internal facade... A well-coordinated team of all project participants coped with the task. The Bolshoi Cinema Center has long been known and loved. Perestroika provided for a large-scale redevelopment," moving " of bathrooms, updating the internal facade, which impressed with the complexity of forms and dimensions (the length is almost 60 m). At the same time, the project should have been thought out in such a way that the renovation did not affect the daily work of the "Big". The new vision of the space of the cinema center is largely based on the principles that Zaha Hadid professed: moving away from regular, geometric lines in favor of smooth outlines and forms inherent in nature. To this concept, we also added elements of the current parametric architecture: a string of similar forms, repeating and slightly changing, gives rise to a unique and impressive superform. Such a space gives a reference to science fiction films, creating a feeling of being in space. Our bureau paid special attention to the light scenario, where the emphasis is on the dynamics and the play of colors-this enhances the "extraterrestrial" atmosphere, makes the stay in the cinema center a memorable event. It should be noted that the implementation of this bold concept required a great effort – after all, the area of the 11-hall multiplex, designed for 1122 spectators, exceeds a thousand square meters. m. Naturally, both the development of the design project and its implementation were associated with special conditions. As a result, visitors to the cinema center can enjoy a diverse, visually diverse design, all the components of which – from the layout to the composition – work to achieve one goal: to immerse the viewer in a completely fantastic world of cinema.

Project Manager:
Andrey Doynitsyn Alekseevich (Андрей Дойницын Алексеевич)
Other team members:
Sergey Lazarev Vladimirovich (Сергей Лазарев Владимирович )
Alexander Bondarenko Semyonovich ( Александр Бондаренко Семенович)
Tigran Arutyunyan Grachikovich (Тигран Арутюнян Грачикович )
Company information:
Architectural Bureau "New RASA" (Архитектурное бюро );
www. new-rasa.com;