Водонапорная башня

water tower

Местоположение: Печоры, Россия
Location: Pechory, Russia

The project of the reconstruction of the Water Tower located near the Russian - Estonian border, includes conversion the industrial construction to the public business incubator for small and medium enterpreneurs in the field of tourism. The building is located on the central square of the town. However, after losing its former function it got out of order and doesn`t attract either visitors or local people. The proposal of reconstruction is aimed to fill the building with new content and regain a dominant position on the square and in the city. The new functions lead to the new requeriments for the building. The elevator, stairs and additional communications are integral parts of a public space.To include them into the existing structure without damaging the building is impossible so they take their place outside. Our proposal allows to create the "the main exposition space" - the glass made stair leading to the viewpoints and doesn`t lose the inner areas. Covered and open observation points allow to receive visitors around the clock to enjoy the views of the historical surroundings. Elderly and disabled people can use the elevator. The levels of the building are designed for the tour agencies, the administration office, the cafe designed for 20 visitors, utility rooms, bathrooms, the cloakroom etc. The lobby, Info center, the elevator hall and the gift shop is located on the ground floor. The new part of the building is a glazed metal frame. Using of glass and metal does not contradict the industrial old buildings aesthetic but reveals its tectonic qualities and creates a new modern space. I believe that reconstruction of the Water Tower can reveal its public and educational functions and put the building on the map of the city attractions .

Project Manager:
Yuri Shiryaev - (Юрий Ширяев Михайлович)
Other team members:
Yuri Shiryaev - (Юрий Ширяев Михайлович)
Stepan Rudiak - (Степан Рудяк Павлович)
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Company information:
Pskovgrazhdanproject (Псковгражданпроект);