Location: ITALY, Teramo

Oleg ( Concept - Year 2018) Oleg is a wooden cubic or spherical container module with many legs. It can change its function changing its position. It can colonize spaces with infinite combinations of modules. The legs allow it to be placed in different ways to create different furnitures: bedside table, coffee table, clothes hangers, container furniture, sideboard and much more depending on the randomness or the user's imagination. The focus of the research was to obtain a versatile and economical device, which has the ability of being reconverted following the fluid needs of new lifestyles and, at the same time, appropriate for creating new domestic landscapes taking on shapes and dimensions indicated by the context and the imagination of the final consumer. To do this, we drew on the knowledge of the low-cost furniture and self-construction market, and on the architectural contaminations of contemporary flexible space.The biggest challenge was having to reconcile the idea of a modular and inexpensive product, with a unique aesthetic and functional result, because it was personally developed by the buyer and aesthetically decidedly scenographic. The product is designed to be produced in wood: depending on the performance characteristics sought, it can be built with panels in medium density or marine plywood and with a laminate finish or smooth or glossy lacquer. the legs are turned and lacquered elements with colored rubber ends to improve support. Furthermore, dowels, standard metal parts and screws tightened from the inside of the container are used in order to give maximum continuity to the external surface. Dimensions - Cubic Edition - : External side 45cm; Internal side 35cm; Height with legs: 70-85 cm depending on the position; Width and depth: depending on the configuration or the overlapped top. The Oleg package covers the pre-assembled container compartment in which the legs are placed to be screwed on at the time of opening.

Project Manager:
Andrea Cingoli
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Andrea Cingoli Cingoli
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