Urban Color Planning and Design of Jinan Key Areas

Location: Jinan City,CHINA

In the urban color planning and design of key areas in Jinan City, we use typology method and urban space analysis method to formulate hierarchical and classified urban color planning strategies for key areas in Jinan City In terms of the overall color environment, we apply the recommended chromatogram to the overall color environment of key areas according to the urban spatial structure and functional attributes. We plan the spatial structure of urban color and guide the spatial distribution and change of hue, lightness and chroma of urban color; In the urban color planning of the key section level, we construct and design the urban color image of the key section, and formulate the urban color planning guidelines and plans; On the core axis of the key area, we designed the architectural color image of the core section. In addition, we have formulated guidelines for building materials matching the recommended colors in combination with the recommended colors of cities, so as to make the implementation of the recommended colors more effective. In this project, we are committed to explore the color gene of Jinan's traditional culture and natural environment, and apply it to the urban space of key areas innovatively, so as to create a color environment with Jinan's local significance, and achieve the goal of urban color planning of elaborating the charm of Jinan's key urban area and telling the story of Jinan with color language.

Project Manager:
Hongyu Guo
Other team members:
Jiayu Tan
Fan Zhang
Qi Jin
Company information:
Guangzhou University & Guangzhou Hongyu Architectu;