Местоположение: Tobolsk
Location: Russia, Siberia

The context of this project is traditional architecture of Siberia comprised of wood and stone. A diversified development program was launched, as an initiative from local companies. The program’s main objective was the construction of a new cultural center, compensating for the shortage of modern events in urban spaces. Proposed within the framework of the brief for the project of the center, the site is conveniently located in the very epicenter of the cultural and tourist frame of the region. After analyzing the entire context, the architects identified two strategic directions: reflecting the characteristic natural components of this area - such as hills, rivers and lakes - and preserving the tradition of a unique Siberian wooden house: wooden fortresses, log huts, a tower. The implementation of all the above strategies in the concept of form finding and a modern interpretation of ancient traditions resulted in the final project: the hills were transformed into an artificial relief, rivers - into smooth lines of landscape design, lakes - into a system of isolated closed and open thematic spaces, and forts - into a hut city with a courtyard, oriented so as to reveal the most best views of the local urban environment. Infrared emitters implemented throughout the territory, outdoor furniture and heated paving serve a purpose of combating the harsh climatic conditions of Siberia. At the same time, the "city" is a single complex, subordinated to a specially developed design code - with its own navigation and regulations for the use of materials (mainly stainless steel pipes, structural glazing and wood trim). The artificial "hill" of the 1st level contains a parking lot and a multifunctional hall for 100 seats, where the 13 first rows can be turned into a dance floor; the space of the 1st floor is a warm contour - a continuation of the street - and a multi-height atrium with a central staircase. From the 2nd floor you can reach the "hill" diving under the complex: a transforming hall for 100 seats expands to a street stage. The 3rd floor is available only for season ticket holders and offers spacious and bright common areas for organizing coworking spaces, exhibitions and master classes, but the courtyard and terrace, open to the southwest, serve the same purpose and are accessible to everyone. It also offers fantastic views of the sunset and the city center. The new center is intended not only to fill the lack of space for events, but also to create additional jobs, develop good-neighborly relations and actively involve young people in urban processes. Design 2019 Total Area 14080 sq. m.

Project Manager:
Anton Nadtochiy (Vera Butko
Other team members:
Vera Butko
Nikolay Zaitsev
Petr Alimov
Company information:
Atrium studio (Project Team Anton Nadtochiy, Vera (Atrium studio);