Местоположение: Россия, Калининград
Location: Russia, Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad (former Koenigsberg) Zoo is one of the three historical zoos in Russia; the other two are Moscow Zoo and Leningrad Zoo. However, unlike metropolitan zoos, it managed to preserve over twenty historical buildings, which make it unique countrywide. The “Ice Rock” facility was built in the Koenigsberg Zoo in the beginning of the 20th century (approximately 1920-30s). The building was destroyed during the Koenigsberg siege in 1945, and restored in 1960s. In 2005, the so-called “rock” was fully rebuilt, as the construction was worn out and posed a safety threat to the animals and staff, but the historical look of the ‘rock’ was lost. At different time, various species inhabited the enclosure (polar bears, penguins, walruses, sea lions, etc.). Currently it is a home to a Baltic grey seal and a Steller’s sea lion. Now the total reconstruction of the facility is essential, as the existing enclosure does not meet the modern holding and demonstration requirements for zoo animals. Bearing construction and fencing materials are worn out and require repair or replacement. The challenge of the project is that the space for modifications is limited – the dimensions of the facility cannot be changed, as it is an object of the regional cultural heritage site “Landmark ‘the Zoo’”. During design development, it became clear that keeping the existing facility is not an option: the 2005 renovation did not match the historical look of the facility, the existing pools are completely worn out, and the additional underground level is required for the installation of the modern complex life support system. The decision was made to fully dismantle the existing facility and recreate it in its historical dimensions. According to the project design, there will be an underground level for the closed water filtration system equipment inside the building, indoor enclosures and food kitchen on the first floor, and service area, including staff premises, server room and ventilation equipment, on the top floor. The shape of the outside pools will stay the same, but there will be an arched ‘strait’ connecting them to create one complex pool designed for just one species – grey seals; the pools can be separated if required. The pools will be much deeper with more complex bottom shape – all to create environment mimicking wild nature and improve animal welfare. The shape of the building and pool barriers will imitate natural rocky seashore. There will be new underwater viewing windows for the visitors (first experience for our zoo). The visitors will also be able to see the life support system equipment and animal food preparation premises. Interactive stands will offer information about marine mammals and Baltic Sea ecology issues. The project will take advantage of the modern energy-saving technologies and use environment-friendly construction and decoration materials. Modern hi-tech water filtration system with bio filtration is designed to recirculate water, which will reduce the water consumption thus lowering the load on the city water supply system. The pools will be drained once or twice a year to clean the walls. The project will use only the energy-efficient equipment. The adjacent territory landscaping will account for all visitor categories making it accessible for people with disabilities, the sectioned ramp will solve the issue with elevation change (the facility is located in the city creek canyon) and provide access to the viewing platforms. At the slope, in front of one of the pools, there will be an amphitheatre, where visitors can watch medical training and feeding of the animals. As a result of the project implementation, the zoo will acquire one of the most advanced facilities in Russia and in Europe.

Project Manager:
Yulia Maksimova Vladimirovna (Юлия Максимова Владимировна)
Other team members:
Nina Davydova Anatolyevna (Нина Давыдова Анатольевна)
Victoria Konstantinova Valentinovna (Виктория Константинова Валентиновна)
Dmitrii Sedaev Evgenievich (Дмитрий Седаев Евгеньевич)
Company information: