Центр коллективного пользования "Сибирский кольцевой источник фотонов" (ЦКП "СКИФ")

Center for collective use "Siberian ring source of photons" (CCP "SKIF")

Местоположение: Россия, Новосибирская область, рабочий поселок Кольцово
Location: Russia. Novosibirsk region, Koltsovo work settlement

The National Project "Science" provides for the implementation of measures to develop advanced infrastructure for research and development in the Russian Federation. In the settlement of Koltsovo, Novosibirsk region, the "Center for Collective Use "Siberian Ring Photon Source" (CCP SKIF) is designed" CCP SKIF – a unique scientific installation that allows using synchrotron radiation to study matter at the atomic level with record accuracy. Synchrotrons - sources of synchrotron radiation-accelerator complexes in which electrons move along a curved trajectory at a speed close to the speed of light, while emitting special radiation necessary for research. The specifics of synchrotron radiation sources are centers of multi-disciplinary research, without which the development of fundamental and applied areas of science and technology is impossible today. Synchrotron radiation is like a flashlight, but it shines not with ordinary light, but with X-rays. In this light, tiny objects are visible: living cells and their organelles, molecules, and even individual atoms. X-ray waves are so short that the smallest particles of matter seem large in comparison The SKIF CCP complex is located on the territory of a scientific town in the Novosibirsk region. The planning structure of the territory of the CCP SKIF consists of a complex of buildings and structures of various sizes and purposes. Functional zoning of the territory is determined by technological connections between objects of various purposes, the shape of the site, and the transport scheme of the territory. There are 4 functional zones on the plot: - entrance area - production area - utility area - storage area The basis of the architectural appearance and the hallmark of the CCP SKIF is the building of the administrative building with a canteen building and the storage building. The administrative building is located along the axis of the main entrance to the complex. To the right of the administrative building is a two-story canteen building. The landscaping of the entrance area, with the possibility of placing a parade square in front of the building, a semi-circular parking lot on the left and a bus stop on the right, provides convenient and comfortable access to the building for employees, visitors and people with limited mobility. The administrative building performs not only industrial, but also social and scientific functions. At the entrance to the building, there is a two-light space of a multifunctional center and a press center, which are the communication core of the building. On the 2nd-5th floors there are management rooms and employees ' offices. The sixth floor is designed for scientific and educational activities, there are classrooms, the hall of the Academic Council, meeting rooms. In the left wing of the building there is a conference hall with 250 seats for scientific conferences. The heart of the research and production process, the most significant and massive volume is the storage building with a diameter of 240 meters and a height of 18 meters with adjacent buildings of experimental stations. Behind the storage building are the volumes of auxiliary buildings of the scientific complex - the building of stands and tests, the building of the injector, the laboratory building, the building of engineering support, the building of the electric farm, the garage and warehouses. The internal structure of the storage building is a ring divided along the radius into three parts. Workshops, laboratories, offices, and technical facilities are located along the outer radius of the ring. Along the inner radius of the ring - the premises of production facilities. In the inner main ring there is an experimental hall and an accelerator tunnel. The glazed transition galleries ensure the efficient functioning of the internal environment of the scientific complex. The facades of all the buildings of the complex are designed in a single architectural style with the use of modern finishing materials. The structural glazing and the system of the hinged ventilated facade allow you to set the monumentality and at the same time lightness to all the volumes of the designed buildings of the complex.

Project Manager:
Elena Shilova Vladimirovna (Елена Шилова Владимировна)
Other team members:
Semen Stavtsev Vladimirovich (Семен Ставцев Владимирович)
Igor Bunchuk Igorevich (Игорь Бунчук Игоревич)
Timur Mukhtarov Galievich (Тимур Мухтаров Галиевич)
Company information:
Joint-Stock Company Central Design and Technologic (Акционерное общество Центральный проектно-технолог);