Местоположение: Russia, Rostov-on-Don, Mozhaiskaya str., 40
Location: Россия, г. Ростов-на-Дону, ул. Можайская, 40

Rostov-on-Don is the southern capital. In addition, the city has long been famous for its hospitality, high-quality products, and pickles, so there must have been a foodmall here. Foodmall is not just the placement of some food projects in one zone. This is a new concept that combines everything related to food. "Lemon" — because it is fresh, invigorating, bright, makes you feel in a new way, adds new shades of taste, smell, mood to any dish and in any situation. In the city center there is a well-known "Central Market" far beyond Rostov-on-Don, and it did not make sense to compete with it. We did not want to organize a bazaar or make an indoor market, but planned to build a beautiful building of a food complex at the entrance to the city, where high-quality, but cheap goods will be presented, with the opportunity to organize weekend fairs. The shopping and office center "Lemon" stands on the territory of a long-existing large food base. The main configuration of the building was subordinated to the contour of the existing foundation, cast earlier according to the previous project, which was abandoned by the Customer in favor of our new project. With the help of facade elements and cantilevered ceilings of the upper floors, a complex plastic facade was achieved. The presence of hinged facades with an individual subsystem, complex fan-shaped structures of the entrance canopy, and stained-glass windows in a curved configuration helped us to get a building in a modern style with elements of parametric architecture.

Project Manager:
Andrey Doynitsyn Alekseevich (Андрей Дойницын Алексеевич)
Other team members:
Alexey Garbuzov Vitalievich (Алексей Гарбузов Витальевич)
Lyudmila Vlasova Vladimirovna (Людмила Власова Владимировна)
Company information:
Architectural Bureau New R.A.S.A (Архитектурное бюро );