Комната 3D сканирования

3D scanner room

Местоположение: Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Location: Russia, Saint-Petersburg

As a competitive material, the result of the implementation of the project of a 3D scanning room at a car manufacturing plant is presented. This room is built into the existing structure of the plant. The task for the authors of the project was not only to create a high-quality functional line-up to optimize the production process, but also to form a modern look, harmoniously combined with the elements of the automotive industry environment. The color scheme includes two components. In contrast to the white walls (RAL 9003) of the perforated sandwich panels, gray (RAL 7024) elements are highlighted: doors, windows, slatted ceiling, beam crane, strip strips, stairs and their fences. The combination of ceiling slats and scan room luminaires with perforated sandwich panels visually stretches the room and makes it larger. The height from the floor to the slatted ceiling in the scanning room is 5 meters. This made it possible to place a ventilation chamber above the operator's room with access to it through a removable ladder. Currently, the room has been commissioned and is operational. The architecture of the completed object will contribute to the further development of the spaces of the plant complex.

Project Manager:
Pavel Motovilin Victorovich (Павел Мотовилин Викторович)
Other team members:
Michael Babaev Vagifovich (Михаэль Бабаев Вагифович)
Daniil Levin Andreevich (Даниил Левин Андреевич)
Taras Okorokov Vladimirovich (Тарас Окороков Владимирович)
Company information:
"Architectural bureau M119" ("Архитектурная мастерская М119");;