Ревитализация жилой застройки середины XIX в. «Таунхаус Кожевники»


Местоположение: Россия, Москва
Location: Russia, Moscow

In the project “Townhouse Kozhevniki” the following goals are marked: restoration of ruined facades dated the mid- 18th century, arrangement of comfortable modern multi-level apartments, preservation of the authentic architectural environment of the historical dominant of the area – Trinity Church in Kozhevniki. The project of the residential complex involves maintaining the uniform architectural style and building scale while changing the internal layout of the historic buildings with the arrangement of comfortable modern multi-level apartments meeting all modern standards and requirements. Layout and landscaping of the yard is focused on separate approaches to the apartments which helps to reduce possible contacts. In the 2-storey building (7a) there are supposed 4 apartments with the floor area 987.4 m2. In the 3-storey building (7/4) there are supposed 4 apartments with the floor area 1057.8 m2. In the 3-storey building (7/2) there are supposed 4 apartments with the floor area 1101m2. In the 1-storey (7/3) annex an arrangement of a small gallery of contemporary art with changing exhibitions is supposed. In the 2-storey building at the address Derbenevskaya st, 8 a fitness centre and beauty salon are planned. The roof is supposed to be rearranged as a greenhouse with individual garden beds for each apartment and recreation areas. The positive aspects of this area should be noticed – low-rise buildings, proximity to the Moskva river and historical sights. The perspective of the 2-nd Kozhevnicheskiy lane is impressively focused on the ensemble of Novospasskiy monastery. Preservation of existing green landscaping and arrangement of new greening in a private area. The presented project will preserve the scale and local flavour of residential area of the mid-18th century.

Project Manager:
Polezhaykina Maria Stepanovna (Полежайкина Мария Степановна)
Other team members:
Chumachkov Dmitry Vasilievich (Чумачков Дмитрий Васильевич)
Dedkov Artem Gennadievich (Дедков Артём Геннадьевич)
Rekudanov Alexander Vladimirovich (Рекуданов Александр Владимирович)
Company information:
SBI «GlavAPU» (ГБУ "ГлавАПУ");