Градостроительная стратегия развития города Обнинска

Urban development strategy for Obninsk

Местоположение: Россия, Обнинск
Location: Russia, Obninsk

The Obninsk city is currently actively growing, which leads to a problem of its balanced development. The project proposes an urban development strategy for the city with the preservation of the historical heritage and the development of a new territory with the creation of a modern comfortable environment. In the course of research and analysis of existing morphotypes of development of Obninsk, a number of residential buildings with the potential to become architectural monuments were discovered. In the course of studying the history of Obninsk and searching for analogues of the existing development in the world experience, the author concluded that the residential buildings along Lenin Avenue are similar to the monument of federal significance, represented by the residential area called the “Pestry Ryad” in Chernyakhovsk, the city located in Kaliningrad region. The “Pestry Ryad” was projected by Hans Sharun. For the second type of residential buildings, a direct analogue was found among the German half-timbered architecture of P. Schmitthenner, which gives the right to raise the issue of assigning the building the status of an architectural heritage monument. The project proposes the preservation of the historical environment of the southern part of the city as the identifier of Obninsk, the reconstruction of the lost residential area and the proximity of historical morphotypes, which determines the identity and diversity of the urban environment. The proposal for the development of a new part of Obninsk on the site of the existing village of Kabitsino is driven by the active development of the city as the center of the Obninsk agglomeration and a modern science city. The territory is included in the new administrative boundaries of the city and is considered in the current General Plan as a reserve territory for residential development. The urban development project proposes an alternative to the Master Plan scenario for the development of the territory. The industrial sector is saturated with scientific research institutes, business incubators, public and business buildings, including the creation of a large business center. On the basis of the Institute of Atomic Energy, it is proposed to create a university campus with objects of higher professional education in various fields. Thus, a single structure "education - science - production - commerce" is being formed, which allows the city to reach a new level and become an advanced science city in Russia. Placing the exhibition center as a major venue for city events will allow Obninsk to showcase the latest inventions and discoveries, as well as popularize scientific knowledge through lectures and forums. The new sports stadium will make it possible to hold inter-district sports competitions and become a sports core of agglomeration significance. The new residential development combines the principles of "street retail" and "courtyard without cars". Its height decreases in the direction of the forest. The residential area "ends" with individual and blocked low-rise residential buildings, located in the forest and forming independent enclaves with their own community centers and social infrastructure, which at the same time participate in the life of the big city. In the central part, it is proposed to create a transport hub. Passenger platforms are buried underground, which eliminates the division of the hub territory by railroad tracks and contributes to the creation of an open public space. Thus, this project defines two vectors for the development of Obninsk: as a city with a long history and an identical urban environment, and as a modern science city - a center of attraction for young highly qualified personnel; as a city that combines advanced technologies and a comfortable environment for human life.

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Tatiana Ryseva Sergeevna (Татьяна Рысева Сергеевна)
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