Joy City Chongqing

Location: Chongqing, China

Joy City is a large commercial mixed-use project, including shopping center, office towers, iMax cinema, themed open space and outdoor theater. The building is located in newly-developed Yubei District, bounded by Sports Park in the south and close to Chongqing Central Park in the east, which is one of the largest urban parks in China. The site area is around 46,800㎡, and the gross floor area is approximate 360,000㎡. It aims to preserve the ecological environment while promoting the commercial activities. Joy City Chongqing is anticipated to launch in December 2021. The site is an important city node connecting the metro station in the north, and the green nature in the south. Inspired by the dramatic hill and gorge landscape of Chonqing, the design takes advantage of the height difference in topography to create a series of interesting architectural space. From the north to the south, it connects the metropolis and the greenery with urban plaza, landscape terraces, circulation rings, and three office towers. The podium mixes different sizes of aluminum linear strips and lighting to create a rhythm of movement on the façade. The use of various tones of gray aluminum panels and glass for office towers create a simple and modern look that reflects the urban image of Chongqing metropolis. The open landscape terraces on the south provide views to the parks and mountains. It is the stage for the interaction of art, performances, and commercial activities to create a new urban recreational space. The integrated outdoor space also makes the perfect transition between the preserved wild and the man-made park. The 200-meter-long red TUBE is a key element of the commercial complex. It connects the north and south site, and serves as a unique 3-story large open space with indoor landscape to host special events, exhibitions, or even free up to be a boulevard. On the two ends of the TUBE are mega structures that cantilever over 40m to connect the Cityscape and Nature. The open landscape terraces on the south provide the view to the surrounding nature. Various types of recreational and dining activities are scattered among the green outdoor space and merge into the natural landscape. The design intends to create a commercial complex with regional characteristics by integrating the indoor space and outdoor landscape. Joy City Chongqing provides not only a trendy commercial center, but also a cultural and leisure meeting place for the public.

Project Manager:
Kris Yao
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