Location: Russian, Moscow

Textyle is a collection of utilitarian home textiles, in which the packaging and the product itself merge together - each of them has a description and symbols that tell you how to properly take care of it. The idea of this project is to minimize the number of elements that usually surround any product on the way from the factory to the buyer's hands. At the same time, all the useful information about the product itself is right on it - this is how we express our love for industrial aesthetics, which is definitely in fashion now. All this, plus a bright, but concise palette, does not allow the product to be "just one more tablecloth, towel, potholder, etc." And in the end it is just a game of adult children in the meaning (what function this or that detail performs) and form (how this or that thing looks like if you deprive it of the usual design).

Project Manager:
Alexey Kurbatov
Other team members:
Lyubov Letunovskaya
Andrey Kartushaev
Company information:
Studio Arrow;