Sydney City

Location: Russia, Moscow

Sydney City is the first residential estate in Moscow built in accordance with the Well-being concept. This estate occupies an area of 20 hectares in one of Moscow’s most favorable neighborhoods – the Shelepikhinskaya Embankment of Moskva river, barely a street away from the Central administrative District. The project team included highly esteemed Russian and international experts on design, architecture, education, psychology, residential and commercial planners. We were empowered by the latest building and construction technologies. Great architecture is an integral part of the holistic well-being approach. It combines gorgeous facades, landscaped year-round-beautiful yards, elegant common spaces interiors, perfectly finished apartments with amazing views. Working together, architectural studios BGY (UK) and Ostozhenka (Russia) have conceptualized an estate that is radically different from any other residential complex in Moscow. Sydney City is a unique architectural mixture. Low-rise European-styled buildings stand together with modern skyscrapers. Iridescent copper plates, Dutch brick and multi-layered facades create an amazing sight. Cascading multi-level buildings allow for panoramic views from the majority of the apartments – the residents can enjoy the view of the river, the beautiful greenery of the Fili park, the futuristic outline of Moscow International Business Center. Roads and yards are located at different levels which allow for a clear distinction between the car realm and the pedestrian realm. Raising the yard on the podium creates an isolated cozy world so different in its low-key environment from the busy world outside. All buildings of the estate are planned to optimize insolation. Copper plates on the facade are not there just for looks – they are great at reflecting the natural light and redirecting it to the apartments’ windows. The evening ambiance in the estate is also magical thanks to an elaborate illumination. The variety of solutions is truly mind-blowing. The car passes and main passages are lighted with neutral white light, the recreation areas are alive with a warm glow. All architectural elements and plants are also backlit to emphasize the aesthetic and decorative effect. Sydney City enjoys an abundance of private infrastructure. It is comparable to a real city, not just an isolated residential complex, in its spectrum. All recreational and entertainment scenarios employes best practices to ensure the comfortable placement of commercial spots to satisfy every age and interest group. The estate layout is carefully zoned. The premium private calm part has the quite gardens, prestigious restaurants, SPA and a medical facility. The eastern part is dedicated to active recreation and shopping. This is supposed to be part that draws larger crowds. All routes are laid out in a way that all basic necessity shops, including pharmacies, are easily accessible on the ground floor. All high-end shops are located to the east of the central park area. Sydney City project team share the viewpoint that regular interaction with nature reduces stress levels, increases immunity, promotes physical and psychological wellness. Multi-level landscape with hills, knolls, high trees and oversized bushes creates the feeling of a jungle – not an urban jungle. All trees are planted mature, so the residents can enjoy a finished landscape look. Landscape artists mainly chose lightly toned plants many of which are unique in Moscow. The ambiance of the yards is created with the help of conifers of unusual shapes, silver maples, maiden grass, elymus and other rare and unique plant species. Thanks to the well-planed landscaping the estate territory will enjoy a particular look and feel even in the colder seasons. These vivid color changes will be a sight for sore eyes early spring through late autumn.

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Architectural bureau Ostozhenka Architectural bureau Ostozhenka Architectural bureau Ostozhenka
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Architectural studio BGY (UK) Architectural studio BGY (UK) Architectural studio BGY (UK)
Architectural studio Wowhaus (Russia) Architectural studio Wowhaus (Russia) Architectural studio Wowhaus (Russia)
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